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Baguio Tours


Take a break! And have an unforgettable, refreshing, and relaxing tour in Baguio which is known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines. It is established in 1900 by Americans at Ibaloi Village also known as the “Kafagway”. Baguio is also popular because of their colorful and artistic flower festival known as the "Panagbenga Festival". They celebrate Panagbenga Festival every 3rd week of February.

For our tour, we will visit the fascinating places in Baguio such as The Mansion, Camp John Hay, Burnham Park, Tam-Awan Village, Philippine Military Academy, Mines View, Botanical Garden, and the La Trinidad Strawberry Farm.

The Mansion:

Our first stop will be at the "The Mansion". This amazing architecture was built in 1908 and it serves as the official summer mansion of the President of the Philippines. You will see the very attractive and alluring ambience of the house because of its color; the body of the house painted in white, and the roof in green color.

Mines View:

Then our next stop will be at the "Mines View". It is situated at the extreme northeast side of the Baguio City. This is one of the famous attractions in the City of Baguio because it has an impressive view of Benguet's copper and gold mines and also the perfect view of the Cordillera Mountains. This will give you a very relaxing ambience that you will surely enjoy.

Camp John Hay:

Our third stop will be at the “Camp John Hay”. If you want to experience golf, or just have an enjoyable picnic with your loved ones, the Camp John Hay is the best place to explore. Because of its peaceful surroundings, this place is also an ideal spot where you can unwind and relax yourself. It is developed by United States Armed Forces in 1900’s, and it serves as a recreation and rest getaway for their troops. 

Burnham Park:

Our next stop will be at the "Burnham Park" where you can enjoy and relax in the alluring atmosphere of the park. It is one of the favorable places of the tourist that visits Baguio. You can also enjoy riding on a "bancas" and bikes around the park.

Philippine Military Academy:

Our 5th stop will be at the "Philippine Military Academy" that serves as the preparation or training ground for the future armed forces of the Philippines. This is the first and primary military institution in Baguio City.

Botanical Gardens:

Our next stop will be at the “Botanical Garden”. It is perfectly located between the Pacdal Circle and Teacher’s Camp. It is well-known as the “Igorot Village”, this Botanical Garden features beautiful native cottages surrounded by green lush garden with colorful flowers. It is an ideal place to relax. Here, you can experience also how to live in a cultural place with Igorots.

Tam-Awan Village:

Our seventh stop will be at the "Tam-Awan Village" where you can see different Igorots houses as Nipa Hut also known as "bahay kubo" located in the western part of Baguio. This is one of the places in Baguio that you will see and learn their different kinds of culture.

Strawberry Farm:

Our last stop will be in the "Strawberry Farm" where you can see a large strawberry garden located in La Trinidad. You will surely enjoy collecting and harvesting fresh and delightful strawberries.


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