CAMP JOHN HAY - One of the most popular hotels in Baguio, with fantastic views of the mountains and city area, our package includes an exciting city tour.


BAGUIO PACKAGES - Choose from over TEN of our most popular hotel package deals that includes hotel accommodations and a Baguio City tour.


BAGUIO TOURS - With every Baguio Hotel Package booking we do include a FREE Baguio Tour. Enjoy the many attractions that surround this area.


Baguio Philippines

If you are looking for a cool place to spend during your Baguio vacation then this area of the Philippines might just be the place for you and your family, as not only is the weather in Baguio really nice, it's also very beautiful here, with its' high mountains as a nice backdrop to the city. Baguio is located in the northern part of the Luzon Island, the largest of the three main Philippine Islands.
There are currently no flights to Baguio, although there is an airport there, it has not been used in a few years. Traveling to Baguio from Manila can be done quite easily using both public or private transportation. WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Manila has been specializing in all inclusive tour packages to some of the Philippines top destinations, and we are certain that our travel agents can also help to arranged for you the perfect Baguio vacation.
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Getting To Baguio
Baguio Attractions
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Baguio Cathedral
  • Burnham Park
  • Kennon Road
  • Mines View
  • The Mansion
Baguio Festival
Baguio Tours
  • Baguio City Tour
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