CAMP JOHN HAY - One of the most popular hotels in Baguio, with fantastic views of the mountains and city area, our package includes an exciting city tour.


BAGUIO PACKAGES - Choose from over TEN of our most popular hotel package deals that includes hotel accommodations and a Baguio City tour.


BAGUIO TOURS - With every Baguio Hotel Package booking we do include a FREE Baguio Tour. Enjoy the many attractions that surround this area.


Philippines Package

We offer the best package that takes you to four (4) of the best Philippines destinations, Boracay, Palawan, Bohol and Cebu. WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Manila created the first Philippines Adventure Package back in 2005, we wanted to help people explore more of the Philippines more easily, with everything pre-arranged, including their hotel accommodations, airline tickets, land and sea transfers and we even included daily breakfast, as-well-as city and country tours.

Contact one of our friendly travel agents today to help you arrange a wonderful Philippines package.

Philippines Travel Package

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